Happily Ever Afters Are Just A Book Away

Happily Ever Afters Are Just A Book Away

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hero for Hire is Available on Amazon!

Hero For Hire is live on Amazon!!

Because we're both excited first timers, we had to share. Trust me, there's been some squeeing.

We've been stalking Amazon, waiting for it to go up.  And today, Merissa got a call from someone, telling her it was there.  She dashed to the computer so fast, she said she thinks she might have discovered unbeknownst superpowers.

First, she IM'd me and we both just about fainted. Then - seven hours apart and on different continents - we both ran to Amazon and searched.

And there it was–beautiful and shiny, sitting on the Amazon virtual shelves. Even cooler? It is available to download, an entire week early!!

And then? Merissa one clicked, just to be sure it was actually available and not a pre-order or some kind of hallucination.

Yes– I KNOW we've already read it. But it was so pretty and shiny and ours! We had to be sure.

And now, it’s on her Kindle, where it looks amazing.

Gorgeous, right?

Okay, we're done squealing and bouncing around - for now. 

Thanks for putting up with our glee. And if you want to see if for yourself? No problem. Just click here. http://goo.gl/4OIp4X


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