Happily Ever Afters Are Just A Book Away

Happily Ever Afters Are Just A Book Away

Thursday, January 28, 2016

#NewRelease XANDER: Caine Brothers Book 2 by Margaret Madigan @mmadiganauthor

Happy Book Birthday to XANDER: Caine Brothers Book 2!

Series Blurb:  

The Caine Brothers: a billionaire, a biker, a fighter, a SEAL, a rock star, and a shifter. Six sexy, in-control alphas who think they have women all figured out...until they each meet their match.

Xander Blurb:

Falling for the daughter of his sworn enemy means making a choice between passion and peace.

When Xander Caine administers a little biker justice to a wife-beating scumbag from the rival Ravagers, he and his fellow Huntsmen walk a fine line between keeping the peace and breaking a long-standing truce.

Gracie Buckner is the daughter of the Ravagers’ president, but she left the biker life a long time ago for college and a career as a photographer. When her sister’s husband beats her yet again, Gracie hires the Huntsmen for due process—the biker way.

Showing up at the Huntsmen’s tavern to confirm the job’s been done turns into an episode of hot—anonymous—sex when Gracie runs into the irresistible Xander. Horrified, Gracie bolts, only to run into him again—leading to more anonymous sex—at a local bike rally. The bigger problem is the instant—and deeper—connection that haunts them both. Once they finally reveal their identities, their fates are sealed.

The Huntsmen-Ravagers feud is the stuff of legends, and finally reaches a tipping point when the rivals learn of Xander and Gracie’s relationship, leading to an epic battle in the middle of the rally. When the dust settles the landscape of both clubs looks vastly different, but Xander and Gracie are determined to stand together in peace and celebrate their star-crossed passion.



Dude sat on the bed and ran his hands over his mostly shaved head. “So, what kept you so busy you had to miss the pub crawl last night?”

Xander waved a dismissive gesture. “Just some personal stuff. What’s on the agenda today?”

“What’s her name?” Dude waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Why do you assume there’s a woman involved?”

“Because if anyone needs to get laid, it’s you. I’m pulling for you, man.”

“Just because I’m more selective about where I plant my dick, doesn’t mean I need to get laid. I do fine, thanks,” Xander said. “Have you had breakfast yet? I’m starved.”

A huge grin spread across Dude’s face. “You did get laid last night.”

Xander rolled his eyes. “You’re a douche, you know that right?”

Someone knocked on the door. Dude stood to answer it, rubbing his hands together. “You have to tell me all about it over breakfast.”

“Did you turn into a girl overnight? We’re not besties. I’m not going to sit over coffee and a donut and talk about sex.”

It turned out to be Chico at the door. He followed Dude back into the room.

“So you admit you had sex,” Dude said.

Chico’s eyes went wide. “Killer got laid? Excellente, amigo.”

“Fuck you both,” Xander said. But he couldn’t help a smirk as Dude grabbed his clothes and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

“Who’s the lucky lady?” Chico asked.

Xander considered brushing them off, because he seriously felt like an idiot talking about his sex life, but it occurred to him he might need help finding her and the guys could be useful.

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“A little wham bam thank you ma’am?” Dude asked. He made some lewd gestures to emphasize his point.

Xander gave him a disgusted look. The problem was, he wasn’t too far off, except the implication with a quickie like that was once and done, and he wanted to find this woman again.

“It wasn’t like that.” He paused. “Okay, it was like that, but different.”

Dude raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Different how?”

How could he explain that despite the hot sex, there’d been a deeper connection? It didn’t make sense that in the span of less than a half hour where they said almost nothing to each other, only touching and sliding slick bodies against each other, he’d sensed something more. It sounded ridiculous even to him. They’d laugh at him. These were men for whom one night stands were routine; men for whom love and relationships and the idea of being tied down to one woman amounted to the proverbial ball and chain. Hell, he’d always been one of them. When his brother Hunter got married a few months ago he’d laughed along with the rest of his brothers at the idea of ever doing the same. Yet, maybe he just hadn’t met the right woman for the idea to have merit.

He shook his head. What the hell was he thinking? He’d just met her. They’d had fabulous sex. That was all. He didn’t even know her name. Why would he be thinking about marriage, for God’s sake?

“Nothing. Never mind. It was just fucking hot sex. Best I’ve had in a long time, but I didn’t get her name, so I’m kicking myself because I’d like to hit that again. You know?”


Let's have a little fun with the Caine Brothers. Take this quiz to find out who your Caine Brothers soul mate is, then go read HUNTER and XANDER (both books are .99 on Amazon, or free on Kindle Unlimited) so you're all caught up before DAMIAN releases in April.


Author bio:

Author of romance and science fiction, with Entangled Publishing and Evernight Publishing.

Oregon Ducks fan.

Donut and pastry addict.

I like cats.

I’m terrified of balloons.

When I’m not writing you’ll find me in a college classroom teaching English, or working as a literary agent for an amazing agency…and of course, wrangling my family.

Author links:

Facebook author fan page
Amazon author page

Thursday, January 21, 2016

#NewRelease: Grab: Pierce Securites, from Anne Conley #GRABit #HotReads #BABB

Jordan Rocco has just received a medical discharge from the Marines and is now working with his brother, Evan, at Pierce Securities. He's struggling to find his place among these men who have a brotherhood that doesn't seem to include him. Jordan's only saving grace is the woman across the hall in his apartment building, with her smart mouth and tight curves. 

Mia is wholly focused on making enough money at her crappy job to bring her sister home to live with her, instead of globe-trotting with her mother and the latest in a long line of losers. A boyfriend is not in the cards. But a couple of nights with the hottie across the hallway—to release some pent-up frustrations—wouldn’t be remiss. When she's grabbed from her apartment in the night, Jordan witnesses the crime, helpless to stop things. 

He's suddenly got a new mission: Before the worst can happen, he has to save the woman who has come to mean more to him than he realized. 

***WARNING*** This book has a vague description of events that may cause triggers.



“Hey there, Jordan.  Rough day?”
He shrugged, turning to face her.  She was a hottie, but totally tired.  Dark circles etched around her eyes made the lines around her mouth more pronounced.   “I just hate my job.  That’s all.  No biggie.”
Rueful laughter met his ears.  “Who doesn’t?  Tequila?”  She held up a half-empty bottle they’d started the other night, and shook it. 
“Sure, what the hell.  But not much.  You need to get some sleep.”  Closing his door behind him, he took the two steps across the hall to her room.  She waited tables at a diner a few blocks away, all the time. 
“You trying to say I look like ass?”  As she stepped aside to let him in, Jordan tried not to brush against her pajama clad body, nor notice the fact all she wore was shorty shorts and a camisole, all in thin thread-bare cotton.  Nearly see-through.  Every curve on display.
No attachments.  But that didn’t mean sex was off the table, as long as she understood the stakes.  Or his lack of desire for stakes. 
“No, you look fine, but that set of luggage you’re wearing under your eyes could use some leather oil,” he tried to joke, but felt bad immediately when he saw her stricken face.  “Hey, wait.  I was kidding.  Don’t get all mad.  How long has it been since you had a day off?”  She waited tables every damn day, as far as he could tell.
She shrugged as she got shot glasses down from the cabinet in the kitchenette.  “Two weeks, or three.  Not sure.  Had a double today, that’s why I’m so tired.”  The house had been busted into four tiny apartments, each one a small living room with an attached kitchen.  So when Mia turned around, Jordan was there, bumping into her.
“Then let me wait on you for a change,” he whispered.  He watched the pulse on her neck pound rapidly, and her breasts heave with heavier breaths.  That was good.  So she wouldn’t be opposed to sex.  He hadn’t thought so, but affirmation was nice.  “Salt?”
She nodded, reaching behind her to grab the shaker, and handed it to him, wordless, enormous brown eyes tracking his movements.  Mia’s shoulder and neck were calling out to him, that smooth expanse of bronzed skin was so beautiful.  Just to test something, Jordan lowered his head, and suckled there, leaving a small kiss behind.
Her sharp inhale was accompanied by her fingers immediately clamping down on the countertop.  Good.
Swiping his tongue across her shoulder, he left a long wet trail that he sprinkled salt across.  “I like you, Mia,” he began.  He needed to get everything out up front.  “I think we could have some fun, don’t you?”  She nodded, looking at him from half-closed eyes.  Sexy fucking eyes.  Eyes that told him to fuck her right now.  But he wasn’t going to do it like that.  Not tonight.  “Good.  Because neither of us has time for strings, right?”  He was looking at her, really close, but he wasn’t touching her, just looking.
“You want to have sex, right?  No relationships?” she breathed.  “I’m totally down with that.”  She gasped the words out at him, and he mentally high fived himself before swiping his tongue across the line of salt, tasting her shoulder with relish before swigging straight from the bottle of tequila.
When he went in for a kiss, she stopped him with a finger on his lips.  “You did it wrong, hot shot.”
That was one of the things he really liked about Mia.  She was cool.  Almost like one of the guys, only she had tits and a pussy, and an ass men would die for.  And Jordan had an erection that would jackhammer concrete, and she was telling him he was doing it wrong?
Yeah, she was golden at getting his mind off his shitty job.
Smirking now, he took a step back, hands up.  “Teach it, oh mighty one.”